Since it’s my passion to transform your beautiful crown, it’s only fair I share my transformation with you:

I’ve been “natural” since the 8th grade. I journeyed back once I realized that relaxers magnified the scalp issues I was experiencing, and truthfully, since my older sister was “going natural,” I figured I’d go with her! Fifth grade is when I developed the skill of braiding, and since then it’s continued to be a skill that has brought me far in my own hair journey and in helping others along theirs.

Throughout college, I was one of the few hairstylist on campus. In 2013, I began my career in medical software training, and put hair styling on the back burner. After a few years of being in the corporate world, I realized I simply was not fulfilled. I had a decision to make: go back to school and advance a career that I was good at but not passionate about, or, turn my forever side hustle into a full time situation. 

Transformed by O was birthed in 2016 in the midst of uncertainty. There was a point that I had no idea how I would live up to this name. I soon realized, this is more than just creating nice styles. I want to transform the way you view your hair, transform your weekly routine, transform a damaged head of hair and scalp, transform the idea that natural hair is hard. I believe every woman should be able to experience their hair’s potential with a little bit of knowledge and a consistent regimen. 

Whether you prefer to dabble in the DIY space, or you are wanting a consistent natural stylist, I am here to help. Achieving healthy hair is possible, allow me to assist you on your journey.  

Welcome to Transformed by O.