#TBOhair CLIP-INS || Kinky


#TBOhair CLIP-INS || Kinky

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16” set on display

Natural black (off black/dark brown)

Weight: 120g

10 pieces in one set

2 sets are recommended for a full head. Longer lengths may require an additional set depending on your desired fullness.

100% Human Hair

Straight length vs. Length after co-wash

16” | 7”

18” | 8”

20” | 9”

22” | 10”

24” | 12”

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Congo Perfecta Curl Defining Pudding
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  • Which texture will match my curl pattern?

    Kinky Coily is a very versatile curl pattern and is tailored to match a variety of curl pattens. It is best suited for curls patterns 3C-4A.  A twist-out or braid-out can aid in blending if the texture that you prefer to purchase does not exactly match your own curl pattern. If you prefer to avoid any twisting and braiding, it is best to select the texture that resembles your hair in it’s well defined state. Other blending methods may be used to create a seamless install. Kinky will match effortlessly with 4C/4B curl patterns. Kinky Curly will match loose wavy hair. A closure may be used to avoid any blending with all textures.

  • What if i have multiple curl patterns?

    Select the texture that will match your leave out, the area that will not be concealed by the extensions.

  • How do I care for my extensions?

    Curly extensions have a tendency to tangle as it has a similar nature to our own hair. For this reason, be diligent to use conditioners and leave-in conditioners when caring for your extensions. Shampoo may be used, but it is recommended to use shampoo after tangles have been removed with conditioner.

  • What are the best products to use on my extensions?

    For curly extensions, Silicon Mix shampoo and conditioner are great options. The conditioner is especially good for co-washing. Cantu Argan Oil Leave-in Conditioner is great for defining the curls and helps to maintain a defined look. Kenra Volume Mousse Medium Hold(12) is great for light-weight definition. 

  • How many sets will I need?

    1 set if you are looking for a little bit of fullness or length to add in between your own hair. 2 sets if you want the minimal amount of your hair left out while creating the length and fullness you desire. 

  • Is there a difference between 10pcs and 7pcs sets?

    A very slight. The 10 pieces allows you to place the clip-ins in more areas of your head than the 7 pieces, however, both sets get the job done and they both weigh the same, so you are getting the same amount of hair. The 7 piece set has a little bit more hang time(1 in) more than the 10 pcs set. You can’t go wrong either way.

  • Are you black owned? Yes :)


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